Advantages of Adding Pneumatics to Your Livestock Handling Operations

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It is the age old debate in Livestock Equipment, Pneumatic or Hydraulic. Cavalier Livestock Equipment has invested many years researching and understanding the efficiencies of pneumatic verses hydraulics and the advantages of pneumatics always come out on top. There are a large number of reasons why you should consider adding pneumatics to your livestock handling operation.

First of all, Pneumatics aid in improving labour efficiency by minimising the number of staff required to process cattle and in turn, effectively saving you money.

Pneumatics allow remote operation of up to 30 metres from your livestock equipment, vastly reducing any Workplace Health and Safety hazards in stock yards for both your staff and the animals.

The remote operation of pneumatics is such a huge advantage because it reduces cattle baulking as operators can stand outside the animals line of site, which in turn keeps a steady flow through the stockyards and increases both operational efficiency and productivity.

One of the best features is the minimal amount of noise produced by pneumatic equipment whilst in use, compared with its hydraulic rival (very noisy). The pneumatic system has better control, requires less maintenance and no moisture can corrode internal parts of the system, making it more durable long term.

Finally, all pneumatic systems are very environmentally friendly, only using clean energy “Air” to operate.

Feature Story Read about Adrian and Jennie Bucknell (Gowanlock Feedlot) who made the change to an almost completely pneumatic powered cattle handling facility

Made the change to pneumatics? What has been the biggest advantage for your operation?